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I'm passionate about making the world a better place. It's the right thing to do. Every day of my life I want to fight to improve things for myself and others. To make progress, we must apply the ideals of the enlightenment to our laws and government: using logic, reason and evidence based decisions.

I fully believe that we can have a smart and efficient government in North Carolina. Like you, I'm outraged that Republicans continue to sabotage our state with their incompetence, lies and corruption. We desperately need public officials who truly want to make North Carolina the paradise we know it can be. Please give me your support and let me fight for you as our next State Senator!

Our infrastructure and services are struggling under population growth and the weight of 3.8 million overnight visitors every year. Our floods are exacerbated because we can’t afford much needed storm water improvements. Our Firefighters are overworked and underpaid. Our public transit system is grossly underfunded. We need more public investment to catch up! I propose the Buncombe County Occupancy Tax should be funding these investments for our City and County.

Every tourist that stays in a hotel or Airbnb currently pays a 6% Occupancy Tax. This revenue ($24M) currently goes to the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority (BCTDA), which spends 75% of the revenue on additional tourism marketing. This 75% spend rate is enforced by State Law.

As your Senator, I would fight to change this so that our City and County control this revenue. I am the only candidate willing to advocate for Occupancy Tax reform and I need your support to succeed!

  • I support our Schools and Teachers, arguably the most important job in our society. Our teachers pay is currently ranked in the bottom third of the entire country! An excellent education for our children is the most important life asset we can give them. For their future, we must do better!
  • Studies show that healthy, well-fed children have greater success rates at school. I support expanding our School Breakfast Programs across the state for low-income children.
  • While some Charter Schools are rising stars of success, others are falling short and failing our children. I believe we need more oversight on Charter Schools in our State.
  • Many of our students are graduating high school without important life skills such as Personal Financial Literacy, Critical Thinking and Entrepreneurship. I support including these topics in our high school curriculum.

Are you passionate about a policy that I’ve not included here? Please contact us!

I’m a volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby and for years have been lobbying Congress to support a ‘Carbon Fee & Dividend’ solution as a federal policy. We need immediate action on climate change!

Duke Energy is blocking progress on climate change and must be forced to switch to carbon-neutral energy sources. We should be fully encouraging wind and solar development, but Republicans had a ‘memorandum’ on any wind development in NC. We need more wind and solar in NC!

People are dying because of the Medicaid Gap. This is an outrage, Medicaid must be expanded!

Republicans have handed our public Medicaid program over to private insurers. This change places our most vunrable citizens at the mercy of insurance companies who we know will deny services in the name of profit. Our Medicaid users must be defended!

I grew up in Canada and immigrated to this great country 11 years ago. I have a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems and I'm a IT consultant with Asheville is now home, and my wife and I had our first child at Mission Hospital last year.

I’m a Progressive who phone banked for Bernie Sanders in 2015.
I’m a Feminist who protested at the 2017 Women’s March in DC.
I’m a dedicated Environmentalist who has been fighting the climate crisis as a volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

I love Buncombe County and take pride in Asheville. I'm a dedicated and active member of our community:

I’m a Board Member for Asheville-Buncombe Crime Stoppers.
I’m the NC 10th Congressional District Liaison for Citizens’ Climate Lobby.
I’m a Board Member with the Asheville Tool Library.​

I love public policy and take pleasure in studying what laws work best for other states and countries. My family has been lucky in spending the last two summers in Europe, informally studying each country and their public policies.

I've met with Senator Van Duyn multiple times over the years, seeking her mentorship on being a Senator. To the best of my ability, I've prepared for this job and am now ready to go to Raleigh and fight for you!

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